Daily Crime Log


The Jeanne Clery Act requires that a campus security office, regardless of size, must create, maintain and make available a daily crime log.  Silver Lake College will comply with the Clery Act requirement to record criminal activity by making a record of all such activity which is brought to the attention of the Silver Lake College Office of Safety and Security.


The Silver Lake College (SLC) Office of Safety and Security maintains a log of crimes and alleged crimes that are reported to have occurred on campus.  The SLC Crime Log is accessible to the public upon request.  The information contained in the Crime Log includes the nature of the activity, date, time, general location, and disposition of the event.  This daily log is available at the Office of Safety and Security during normal business hours.  Log entries for the previous day are updated by 12:00 PM of the next business day.  In order to protect an ongoing investigation or the identity of a victim, the Vice President of Finance and Business, the Safety and Security Manager, or their designee may classify information as confidential and prohibit its release.