Health and Safety

Keeping The Campus Safe

The health and safety of our students, faculty, staff and visitors to the campus is very important to us. Keep you and those around you physically safe with the following resources:

The United States Government has provided some helpful resources on Influenza and its prevention:

Center for Disease Control H1N1 Resources - Know What To Do About the Flu

Sickness and Influenza

  • The influenza virus weighs heavily on everyone's mind this time of year.  When winter winds blow we all know it is important to keep proper hygiene by washing our hands, but what else can we do to prevent the flu?  Find out how to protect yourself against the flu this season.
  • Inform Jessica Ehmler, Director of Residence Life and Student Life (686-6278), if you have flu symptoms or are diagnosed with H1N1.

Health Policies:

Accident or Illness

In case of an accident or serious illness while on campus, you should inform the Human Resources Office (ext. 180). Render assistance if knowledgeable. Call 9-911 from the nearest phone line if life threatening. Remain with and assist the injured person. Assist with a report as required. All incidents are confidential.

While college personnel may advise students who become ill or injured, insurance regulations prohibit the college from assuming liability; responsibility for actions taken, rests with the students unless otherwise indicated.

First Aid

First aid kits can be found in several locations. First aid kits are located in the following places:

  • Student Life (Room 136)
  • First Aid & Emergency Equipment Room (near Library)
  • RICOH Service Center (Level B)
  • Generose Enrichment Center (Room 109, Conference Room 103/203, and the front office)
  • Room 324
  • Zigmunt Library (Level 2)
  • Maintenance (Room 166)
  • Kitchen (Level 1)

Please note: Latex gloves must be worn when assisting another person with open wounds or when cleaning up any bodily fluid. This is for your protection.