Parking on Campus

Regulation of Vehicle Parking on College Property


Policy: The operation and parking of motorized and non-motorized vehicles on property controlled by Silver Lake College will be subject to regulations set forth by the College, as well as the laws of the State of Wisconsin.

Parking on Silver Lake College Property

Parking on Silver Lake College property is regulated in order to ensure safety, to allow college personnel to identify vehicles parked on the property, to contact vehicle owners, and to take enforcement action, when necessary. You may request a permit at any time. Parking on Silver Lake College property is regulated under the authority of Wisconsin Statute 346.55(4):

“Owners or lessees of public or private property may permit parking by certain persons and limit, restrict or prohibit parking as to other persons if the owner posts a sign on the property indicating for whom parking is permitted, limited, restricted or prohibited. No person may leave or park any motor vehicle on public or private property contrary to a sign posted thereon.”

Parking Regulation Committee

The Parking Regulation Committee of Silver Lake College is composed of one faculty member, two staff members and two students. The Director of Campus Safety serves as chair of the Parking Committee.

The members of the committee are to be appointed prior to September 1 of each year and serve two year staggered terms.  Members may succeed themselves for only one term.

  • One (1) Faculty Representative appointed by the Dean
  • Two (2) Staff Members- One (1) from Plant Services, and one (1) from Student Development.
  • Two (2) Students
    • One (1) Commuter appointed by Student Legislature 
    • One (1) Resident appointed by Student Legislature

If one of the above areas fails to appoint said members, the Director of Campus Safety and the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs shall make the appointments.

The Parking Committee is an advisory board to the Director of Campus Safety and to the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs.  The Parking Committee may suggest new or revised parking policies and procedures for any function related to parking (including physical property).  The Campus Parking Committee also serves as the Traffic Court and shall hear parking appeals.

Silver Lake College Parking Permit

The Silver Lake College Parking Permit consists of a vinyl 3” X 3” sticker that is sequentially numbered. Persons affiliated with the College, other than guests, who use parking facilities for attending classes, residency, or employment are required to obtain a Silver Lake College Parking Permit.

Parking Permit Instructions

  1. Faculty, staff and students who operate motorized vehicles and who wish topark these vehicles on College property must apply for a permit from the Ariens Family Welcome Center, or submit an on-line application through the Silver Lake College web site. Permits obtained via on-line applications will be available for pick-up at the Ariens Family Welcome Center. Parking Permit holders are responsible for the accuracy of vehicle and ownership information supplied during the application process. Information about the vehicle and owner receiving a parking permit will be retained in the College records management system.
  2. One parking permit will be issued to each vehicle. The parking permit is nottransferrable.
  3. The Parking Permit consists of an adhesive vinyl sticker which is to beattached to the lower left corner of the rear window of a motor vehicle. The permit must be clearly visible from the outside of a vehicle.
  4. A parking permit issued to a motorcycle may be attached to the front fork, orto the rear of the license plate, or under the seat.
  5. Parking Permits are valid in all campus lots (excluding reserved or restrictedstalls AND posted guest parking areas).
  6. A parking permit is not valid for the purpose of long term storage of a vehicleon campus, or for vehicles that have been disabled for more than 7 days, unless approved by the Office of Campus Safety
  7. Parking Permits are the property of Silver Lake College.  If found, return tothe Office of Campus Safety. The transfer, sale, or exchange of a parking permit between persons is prohibited.  Violators will be cited for misuse of parking services and be referred to the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs or Office of Human Resources for disposition.

Temporary Parking Permit

  1. A “Temporary Parking Permit” may be obtained at the Ariens FamilyWelcome Center; or may be distributed via mail or electronic format to persons attending an event on campus.
  2. Temporary Parking Permits are valid only on the date(s) specified. Temporarypermits are valid in all campus lots, excluding reserved, restricted, or otherwise posted areas.
  3. There is no fee for a temporary parking permit.
  4. Inappropriate use of a Temporary Parking Permit by a student or Collegeemployee may be referred to the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs Office or the Office of Human Resources for disposition.

Temporary Overnight Parking

  1. Overnight guest parking restrictions are in effect from 12:00AM until 5:00AMdaily. This excludes resident students, and College employees who leave a vehicle parked temporarily in a College parking lot.
  2. Overnight guests must complete and sign the visitor log and a temporary parkingpermit will be supplied from the Office of Residence Life or the Office of Campus Safety.
  3. Campus residents may pick up a temporary parking permit in advance from theOffice of Residence Life.  The resident will be required to provide the license plate of visitor’s vehicle and acceptable identification of the guest.
  4. College personnel who expect to have guests and wish to email an electronictemporary parking permit should contact the Office of Campus Safety at least 48 hours prior to the date when a permit is to be sent to the guest.
  5. College personnel parking their vehicle overnight for business purposes shall inform theOffice of Campus Safety of the length of time the vehicle is expected to remain parked on the property.

Inappropriate Use of Parking Facilities

Information about parking regulations may be obtained by contacting the Office of Campus Safety by telephone at (920) 686-6179, or at Room 159.

Examples of inappropriate parking practices which may result in enforcement action include, but are not limited to:

  1. Failure to properly display a valid Parking Permit.
  2. Parking in a posted no parking zone.
  3. Parking in a restricted area posted with signs.
  4. Student or employee parking in a space posted for Guest Parking.
  5. Unregistered overnight guest parking.
  6. Parking in a loading zone.
  7. Parking within 10’ of a fire hydrant.
  8. Parking on a crosswalk.
  9. Improper parking in designated parking spaces.
  10. Parking on a sidewalk area.
  11. Parking too close to another vehicle.
  12. Unauthorized temporary parking

Parking for the Disabled

  1. Reserved parking stalls designated by official signs are available for vehicles thatdisplay a valid disabled parking permit hang tag, or an official disabled vehicle license plate.
  2. Violations related to unlawful use of parking spaces reserved for vehicles bearingvalid identification for use by persons with disabilities will be referred to law enforcement authorities.
  3. The College may designate temporary disabled parking areas on College property to accommodate persons attending special events or functions.

Penalties and procedures for illegal parking, and exceptions to parking regulations, on Silver Lake College property

  1. A parking violation may result in the issuance of a Silver Lake College ParkingWarning Notice. Office of Campus Safety staff members and students working under the authority of the College are authorized to issue Silver Lake College Parking Warning Notices.
  2. Optional enforcement action at the discretion of Silver Lake College: As providedin SS. 346.55(4), violations of regulated parking on College property may be referred to the City of Manitowoc Parking Authority for enforcement action.
  3. Emergency or unusual parking procedures, restrictions or limitations will beannounced by the Director of Plant Services, the Director of Residence Life, or the Director of Campus Safety.
  4. Updates to regulated parking on College property will be posted on the SilverLake College web site under the heading of “Campus Safety”.

Towing Vehicles from College Property

Campus Safety personnel are authorized to order a vehicle towed from campus property and may do so under the following conditions.

  • Parking in an area that would obstruct emergency vehicle access to College buildings and grounds.
  • Parking in an area (drive lane, curb, crosswalk, curb cut, etc.) where the vehicle’scontinued presence would present a potential hazard to pedestrians and/or motorists.
  • Long term continuous parking for storage or for disabled vehicles.
  • Parking in an area that hinders/obstructs the necessary operations of college service vehicles and other service providers (loading docks, trash pick-up area)
  • Parking that impedes progress of necessary maintenance projects (i.e. snow removal, paving, etc.)
  • Illegally parked vehicle which prevents a legally parked vehicle from exiting.
  • A vehicle that has been abandoned.
  • Unauthorized vehicles in a reserved parking stall, disabled parking stall, or access aisle.
  • After the accumulation of $100 or more of parking forfeitures that have gone unpaid for a period of at least 28 days, or the vehicle registration has been suspended due to a law enforcement related action.
  • Out of state vehicles with Silver Lake College fines that have gone unpaid for a period of at least 28 days.
  • Parking illegally with license or vehicle identification number covered, unreadable, or missing.
  • Vehicle leaking gas, oil, antifreeze, etc.
  • A condition which Campus Safety determines to be a hazard, or obstructs the campus community.

Towing Fee

Any vehicle that is towed will be charged a towing fee by the company performing the tow. The towing company may also set a reasonable storage fee. The towing and storage fees, unpaid parking fees and any parking violation penalties are the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle.

Show-up Fee

If the operator of the vehicle shows up after the tow truck has been summoned, but before the tow is complete, the operator is responsible for any applicable towing fees which must be paid to the towing company.

Reclaiming a vehicle

The owner of a towed vehicle will be responsible for payment of the towing fee and storage expenses in order to reclaim the vehicle. The College is not responsible for any damage incurred due to towing.