Emergency Procedures

What To Do When There Is An Emergency

The College strives to provide a safe learning and working environment. Any concerns regarding safety or emergency procedures should be directed to the Student Life Office.


For aid (fire, police, rescue/ambulance, sheriff) dial 9-911 from the nearest College phone.

Fire Evacuation

Sound nearest red fire box alarm if fire is spotted. At the sound of the fire alarm leave the building in an orderly fashion. Assist anyone who may need help. The last one out of the room closes the door. Remain out of the building until notification is given. More Fire Safety Information >>

Injury or Illness

Render assistance if knowledgeable. Dial 0 for attendant or 137 for Student Life, or call 9-911 from the nearest phone line if life threatening. Remain with and assist the injured person. Assist with a report as required. All incidents are confidential. More Health Safety Information >>

Severe Weather

The all-call system will be utilized to announce severe weather. In case of severe weather, go to the designated shelter area. Remain in the shelter area until the all clear is given.  More Weather Safety Information >>

Emergency Notification System

For more information on how you can sign up to receive instant notification (via text and email) in case of an emergency affecting the campus please see the Emergency Alert Notification - "Laker Alert" Policies and Procedures Guide (PDF).