Policies & Procedures

General Information

Silver Lake College of the Holy Family believes that open communication is a joint responsibility shared by all, and that it is an important means of fostering a positive working relationship. If there are any questions about the information contained in the handbooks or about any other aspect of one's position, they are always welcomed.

Employee handbooks is available through the Human Resources office. Employees should familiarize themselves with the contents of the handbook. It is to be read thoroughly and retained for future reference. Policies set forth in this Handbook are not intended to create an employment contract or any other type of contract, nor are they to be construed to constitute contractual obligations of any kind. The College reserves the right to amend, modify, add, and delete policies where necessary. Employees will be notified of all such changes. Questions concerning how general policies apply, or questions concerning specifics should be discussed with the Department Chair, Supervisor or Human Resources Director.