Silver Lake Fund

GIVING_SILVERLAKE-FUND_IMG5905What is the Silver Lake Fund?

The Silver Lake Fund represents dollars raised every year to provide scholarships to needy and deserving students. EVERY dollar in the Fund goes directly to helping students.

Why do students need a Silver Lake Fund?

More money for scholarships results in more students who can afford college. Often these dollars make the difference between enrolling in College and working at a minimum wage job.

What makes a Silver Lake Fund donation different from other donations?

The recipient of your gift has a name and a face. A story. Hopes, dreams, and ambitions.

How can you support the Silver Lake Fund?

You can support the Silver Lake Fund through your cash gifts or pledges. Every gift of any size is welcome and appreciated! Thank you for considering our students. They may not have the opportunity to thank you personally, but they will be deeply grateful for your generosity. As one student said, “I do not believe that I would change my place of education for anything in the world. I cannot imagine another institution this friendly and caring.”

For more information on the Silver Lake Fund contact Marc R. Barbeau at 920-686-6176 or email