First Year Award Estimator

2013-2014 On-Campus Programs - First Year Students

Generose Scholarship - FULL TUITION

Students will be invited to compete for this scholarship.

Academic Merit Scholarships

  1. Presidential Scholarship $9,000
  2. Dean's Scholarship $7,500
  3. Honors Scholarship $6,500

Criteria: Prior academic performance based on combination of GPA and ACT score. Admitted by February 15, 2013. Full-time, new students in on-campus programs. These scholarships are renewable for up to eight terms provided the student is full-time and in good academic standing.

Performance Awards

  1. Athletics $1,000-$3,000
  2. Music $1,000–$2,000
  3. Service Award $2,000
  4. Class of 2011 Award* $1,000
  5. Catholic High School Alumni Award** $1,000

* This award is available for 2013 graduates of public and parochial/private high schools in Manitowoc County. 
** This award is available to Catholic High School graduates.

Renewal depends upon students remaining full-time, on-campus and in good academic standing as well as meeting renewal criteria specific to each award.

Silver Lake College merit and performance scholarships may be combined up to $12,000 per year. All scholarship amounts are per academic year renewable per terms above.