Jamie Grant

Phone: (920) 686-6206
Email: jamie.grant@sl.edu

About Jamie:

Greetings from Silver Lake College of the Holy Family!  I am thrilled that you are looking at SLC and hope you will love it just as much as I do.  As Director of Admissions, I like to say that I have the best job and the best team in the world.  I am originally from Indiana, but attended college for both my undergraduate and graduate degrees in Wisconsin. 

I have a dog and a turtle that I absolutely adore.  I also am a firm believer that my nieces and nephews are the cutest children in the entire world and I love to spoil them rotten.  My favorite pastimes are to read, be on the water in the new boat, quiet nights at home and to spend time with my group of girlfriends.

Jamie's Favorites:    

Favorite spot on campus:

The cafeteria – hands down.  It’s the one place on campus you can go to see everyone.  I love the chatter and seeing students connect with each other.

Favorite season:

Autumn at Silver Lake College is breathtaking.  The weather is perfect for a sweatshirt and jeans; the leaves are turning their gorgeous fall colors; the students are buzzing around campus.

Favorite event:

The matriculation ceremony is one that I look forward to each year.  It is a great way to be welcomed into the Silver Lake College of the Holy Family student body.  Not only do new students attend, but also faculty, staff, administration and current students.   It truly is a community event.

Why did you choose to work at SLC or if you are an alumnus, why did you choose to attend SLC?

I chose to work at Silver Lake College of the Holy Family because it reminded me so much of my undergraduate experience.  I loved that when I walked through the halls I was greeted with smiles and “hello’s”.  I wanted to work at an institution where the students and their journey came first and I found that at Silver Lake.   

I chose to attend Silver Lake for my masters because I wanted a school that I could take what I learned and utilize it in my profession and personal life right away.  In my classes, I had peers from all different occupations (nurses, engineers, human resource directors and law enforcement) and I was able to learn how each sector was different and the same.  I am so glad I chose to pursue higher education at Silver Lake.