The Franciscan Way

Our Promise To You: Learning To Connect Mind And Spirit...The Franciscan Way

Silver Lake College of the Holy Family has been an important part of the heritage and mission of the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity since its inception in 1935.

Over 800 years ago the Christian world was blessed with a humble man from the small town of Assisi in Italy whose life and ideals captured the hearts of people of all nations and religions. In 1869, this unpretentious man, time-bound by birth but timeless in spirit, inspired the five foundresses of the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity who chose his way of life as their example of community and service.

GEN-INFO_SanDamianoFrom meditating on the Gospels, a simple but profound spirituality developed for Francis of Assisi. Opening his heart generously to the Word of God, he assimilated and lived the Gospel message and was a light to the world. This Gospel life was characterized by mutual love, respect of the individual, peacemaking and reverence for creation.

Living the Gospel values motivates the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity and has been an unceasing challenge in their lives and ministry for over 140 years. The Gospel life, the core of the Franciscan life, is the foundation of Silver Lake College of the Holy Family. At the heart of the liberal arts experience, these values provide principles on which professional studies are based. Living a Gospel life of charity and faith, of healing and forgiveness, of acceptance and gratitude, Silver Lake College aspires to be a living reality of Christ in the world. This is the brand promise: Learning to Connect the Mind and Spirit the Franciscan Way.