Advising & Communication

Advising available to Applicants and Candidates

  • Prior to admission, the Program Coordinator assists the applicant in the decision making process and in developing an individualized program if previous degree and learning warrants it. The applicant is requested to schedule an interview with the Program Coordinator.
  • Upon admission, the candidate works with the Program Coordinator on general program issues and with the Portfolio Advisor for guidance in developing the portfolio. Advisors and candidates keep a common record of advising sessions.
  • Upon registration, a Competency Instructor-Mentor provides guidance and direction to the candidate's work and study to achieve proficiency in the competency area.

Program Tracking and Progress Records:

  • Competency Completion: Each final competency report will be in the form of a paper in which the candidate articulates understanding of the knowledge base supporting the competency and reports on a project in which theory and practice are connected. Candidates are expected to do "A" level work in order for the competency to be accepted as completed.
  • Transcript: Candidates can access and print an unofficial transcript at any time through The official transcript must be requested from the Registrar's office.