Accelerated Teacher Leadership


Silver Lake College's accelerated delivery improves your professional practice in a collaborative learning environment.

An accredited graduate education program

  • a 33-credit, 14-month graduate program
  • based on servant teacher leadership
  • aimed at developing educators who are creative visionaries, critical thinkers, knowledge seekers, and change agents
  • focused on enhancing competencies

Collaborative and learner-centered

  • You are in charge of your learning as well as your success.
  • The curriculum focuses on your classroom, current educational research, and best practices.
  • The learning environment is experienced-based and graduate-level.
  • You work with innovative facilitators who are local educators experienced in collaborative educational delivery systems.

Laptop learning environment

Learn to integrate technology using your laptop and current level of skills - photo editing, web pages, presentations, Internet, word processing, and more.

Class meeting schedule

  • First summer: two weeks in June and/or July
  • School year: one weekend a month
  • Second summer: two weeks in June and/or July

Schedule of Classes

Summer I Term

EDU 523 Practical Research I 1 credit
EDU 603 Bringing About Change I 2 credits
EDU 527 Internet for Teachers I 1 credit
EDU 605 Meeting Special Needs I 2 credits
EDU 635 Curriculum & Instruction 2 credits
EDU 607 Learner Centered Leadership I 1 credit
Total: 9 credits

Fall Term

EDU 526 Practical Research II 2 credits
EDU 690 Culminating Demo I 1 credit
EDU 502 Current Issues 3 credits
EDU 528 Internet for Teachers II 1 credit
EDU 606 Meeting Special Needs II 1 credit
Total: 8 credits

Spring Term

EDU 500 Teaching as a Career 3 credits
EDU 535 Leadership I 1 credit
EDU 690 Culminating Demo II 1 credit
EDU 529 Internet for Teachers III 1 credit
EDU 601 Legal & Fiscal Foundations 3 credits
Total: 9 credits

Summer II Term

EDU 536 Leadership II 2 credits
EDU 690 Culminating Demo III 1 credit
EDU 604 Bringing About Change II 1 credit
EDU 632 School Community Relations 2 credits
EDU 608 Learner Centered Leadership II 1 credit
Total: 7 credits

Financial aid

Please file your FAFSA at  www.fafsa.ed.gov.  The FAFSA school code for Silver Lake College is 003850.


  • Chippewa Falls
  • Pulaski


Tamara Sharp, Barney Slowey, Sarah Spitzer, Jon Wood.

For more Information

800-236-4752 x175