Comparing and Contrasting Two Popular Graduate Business Degrees


  1. Both are graduate management degree programs.
  2. Both have a cross-functional emphasis in core required courses (e.g., accounting, finance, research methods, marketing, human resource management, leadership, strategy).
  3. Both increase earning potential over a student’s lifetime.
  4. Both programs teach business strategies and concepts in theory and in reality.
  5. Both programs enhance a student’s leadership skills because of the rigorous training involved. The classroom assignments, reports, presentations, and group projects allow students to use their skills in handling business situations similar to what takes place in their work environment.
  6. Both programs allow for a network of business relationships to form with classmates. The associations created allow for valuable contacts after graduating from the program. These networks can be sought by graduates when they need advice personally and professionally in their search for jobs.


Master of Science in Management and Organizational Development (MS-MOD) Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Strong emphasis on qualitative side of management:
  • Leadership
  • Communications skills
  • Critical Thinking and problem-based learning
  • Managing change
  • Diversity
  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Team building
  • Knowledge management
Strong emphasis on quantitative side of management:
  • Economics
  • Operations management
  • Accounting
  • Decision sciences
  • Strategy
  • Information technology
  • Supply chain management
  • Marketing
  • General Management
Focus on managing the human resources of the organization. Focus on managing the physical/financial resources of the organization.
Foundation competencies incorporated into required core courses. Numerous prerequisites or foundation courses required before entry.
Courses taught by practitioners with advanced degrees. Depending on the college/university, courses are taught by academicians. Many are not practitioners.
MS-MOD graduates are employed in a variety of positions in private, public, and non-profit organizations which include their own businesses. Many MBA graduates have positions in the field of accounting and finance.
GMAT: Recommended based on low GPA. GMAT: Required
Completion time: 26 months.
Completion time: Possible 2-5 years.