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Silver Lake College of the Holy Family becomes first catholic work college

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It is an exciting time at Silver Lake College of the Holy Family. This fall, we have kicked off our SLC Works program, making Silver Lake College of the Holy Family the first Catholic college in the nation — and the first college in the state — to adopt the Work College model. Known as SLC Works, the Work College model requires traditional, undergraduate students to hold an on-campus job as a condition of their enrollment.

3- Anna Hall.jpgOur mission is to provide a holistic experience for our students and prepare them to enter the workforce. Through SLC Works, our students are incorporating jobs into their class schedules to give them work experience, build their resumes, and help them pay their college debt.

SLC Works is based on the following five principles that reflect the college’s educational mission:


1-respect work_purple.png1. Respect work as a learning opportunity


2-you cannot be the boss_blue.png2. You cannot be the boss on day one


3-quality academic_red.png3. Quality academic + professional preparation = successful life


4-give 100%_orange.png4. Give 100% effort every day


5-embrace stewardship_green.png5. Embrace stewardship and personal responsibility


5-Tommy Bentley.jpgThrough these five principles, students obtain practical on-the-job training that prepares them to enter the workforce upon graduation. We believe that our students will be best prepared for any career choice because they will not only be leaving with a four-year degree, but also with a structured resume containing the experience and skills that set them apart from other recent graduates.

We hope that we can count on your support of SLC Works through a gift to the Silver Lake 4-Hanna Stolper.jpgFund. The Silver Lake Fund provides the necessary aid to develop and expand the SLC Works program. When you give to the Silver Lake Fund, you are directly providing our students with the experience they need to be successful as they enter the work force. Your gift to the Silver Lake Fund is an investment in our students, your community, and our foundations for the future.

Giving Opportunities

Types of Gifts

Donors may elect the type of payment and the timeframe for making their donation that best suits their circumstances. The options include:

Gifts of Cash

There is no easier way to garner a charitable deduction than by making a gift of cash. Gifts of cash include check, credit card, appreciated securities, and/or real or personal property to be converted following a prescribed period. If you itemize, your gifts of cash are fully deductible for federal income tax purposes up to 50% of your adjusted gross income.

Gifts of Real Estate

Gifts of real estate in the Manitowoc County area, such as a residence.  May be considered by Silver Lake College of the Holy Family for full tax advantage to the donor.


Gifts-In-Kind are donations other than cash that can be used as is by the College, such as (but not limited to): books, texts, office and art supplies, computer hardware, computer software, equipment, furniture, and musical instruments.


Pledges may be paid in intervals over a period of time designated by and at the convenience of the donor.

PLanned Giving

Donors may contribute to the College while maximizing their own financial program through planned contributions, such as will bequests, income trusts, annuities, and life insurance. Silver Lake College of the Holy Family Advancement Personnel will be pleased to assist you in making a gift that is appropriate to your circumstances and in accordance with your wishes. The Advancement Office will follow through with a written reminder.