Silver Lake Fund

What is the Silver Lake College Silver Lake Fund?

The Annual Fund underwrites the operating expenses of Silver Lake College.

Why does Silver Lake College Need a Silver Lake Fund?

Tuition and fees account for only two-thirds of the College's annual operating budget. To help us balance the budget, we rely on donations to the Silver Lake Fund from individuals, corporations, foundations and associations.

What Makes a Silver Lake Fund Donation Different From Other Donations?

Silver Lake Fund donations are not designated by donors for a specific use, such as scholarships, but are unrestricted. Unrestricted donations are vitally important for they help pay for a variety of operating expenses, such as classroom and technological improvements required to meet the academic needs of our students.

Who Does the Silver Lake Fund Really Help?

The students! More than 90% of Silver Lake College students need financial aid, and most work at least one job to make ends meets.  Donations to the Silver Lake Fund reduce our students' burden for they help to keep tuition increases in check. Silver Lake Fund donations reach students far beyond the Manitowoc campus. With off-site locations in Green Bay, Sheboygan, and Appleton, our students can be found throughout Wisconsin. On any given day, you may meet them, for they are your community's teachers, business managers, bankers, bookstore owners, human resource directors, lay ministers, health care providers, public servants, members of civic organizations, neighbors, and church volunteers.

How Can You Support the Silver Lake Fund?

Thank you for considering our students. They may not have the opportunity to thank you personally, but they will be deeply grateful for your generosity. As one student said, "I do not believe that I would change my place of education for anything in the world. I cannot imagine any other institution this friendly and caring."

For more information on the Silver Lake Fund contact Roxanna Strawn at 920-686-6150 or email