Academic Resource Center

The Academic Resource Center can help you..

  • Prepare for a big (or even a small) exam
  • Feel more confident about your study skills
  • Improve your writing skills
  • Brush up on math
  • Be the best student you can be!


The Academic Resource Center helps students to develop their skills in communication, reading, preparing for exams, time management, studying, and vocabulary to help them succeed while attending courses at Silver Lake College. Students receive individual attention and tutoring, which allows them to adjust to their personal style of learning. Suggestions are available for research and term papers as well, all of which are free of charge to students.

Review in academic skills:

  • academic reading
  • vocabulary
  • spelling
  • English grammar
  • study skills
  • math

The center serves students at all levels who have particular concerns regarding their course work, especially those whose formal education has been interrupted and those whose native language is not English.


The Academic Resource Center is located in the library. For more information, contact Christine Beck, academic support coordinator, at (920) 686-6115 or