Art Education


The Art Education Program prepares students to become certified elementary and secondary art educators. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates qualify for PreK-12 Art Certification through the Wisconsin Department of Instruction.  The curriculum assists the student in acquiring skills in creative processes, critical thinking, curriculum design and assessment while addressing state, national and district standards. The program prepares the student to become an effective art educator and an advocate for the arts. 



What can I do with this major?
Art Educator Pre-K - 12

Program Highlights
  • Silver Lake College offers studio courses and opportunities for creative expression and preparation for leadership and service.
  • Art education students are prepared for careers in teaching PreK - 12 or for graduate work towards an M.A. or M.F.A. degree.
  • Silver Lake College provides an Art Education Program that excels in successful teacher placement.
  • The Art Education curriculum addresses state, national and district standards.

Student Testimonial

“The arts have helped me find a voice--a means of communicating, to develop high order thinking skills and creativity needed to tackle anything that comes my way in life. The arts have given me the perspective to appreciate everyone as having unique strengths. The skills gained through the arts help create innovative citizens that we want running the world tomorrow”. - Heather, Class of 2014

Faculty & Staff

Erin LaBonte

Associate Professor 

LaBonte has participated in artistic residencies and exhibitions both nationally and internationally.  LaBonte practices many artistic mediums in her own studio work - specializing in photography, painting, installation, and sculpture.  She is an advocate for bringing art to public spaces and community engagement.  Through the many technical and conceptual facets that art has to offer, LaBonte is dedicated to inspiring and educating young artists in their personal explorations. 

Dr. Dionne Landgraf

Associate Professor 

Dr. Landgraf is a visual artist and art instructor with extensive teaching and exhibition experience.  Landgraf is committed to teaching studio artists and future art educators.  Landgraf is actively engaged in studio processes.  In her work, Landgraf hopes to touch the experiences of others.  In her teaching, she hopes to assist others in expressing themselves aesthetically at the highest human level.