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HUM_Englsh-rare-book-room-picStudents at Silver Lake College celebrate language and literature because they learn about themselves, others, and the world around us. Writing stylishly, reading thoughtfully, and speaking sensibly are integral to the English Program and its mission in liberal arts education. Students learn to use language precisely and ethically so they can think critically and express their ideas persuasively. As students discover themselves writing well, they learn to read well; in the process, they realize that literature and language are sources for growth, creativity, and understanding.

Programs, grounded in Franciscan values, are directed towards preparing students for the professional challenges of the future.

See what students have to say about the English Program by viewing our video.

The courses in English enhance students’ ability to

  • Communicate orally and via writing
  • Think creatively and critically
  • Synthesize knowledge

HUM_resizedimage300216-IMG3537smThe courses in literature include study of authors cross various periods, cultures, and genres so that students may

  • Acquire an appreciation for and an understanding of significant literary movements in their own cultural heritage
  • Comprehend the relationships between history, literary form, and identity
  • Appreciate multi-cultural and global concerns

Studying English prepares you for life and the world of work!

Students should declare an English major or minor because they love literature, language, writing, and expressing their ideas. At Silver Lake College, the English program will present students with innovative and exciting courses that challenge them to become effective writers, critical readers, and serious thinkers.

In addition, a major or minor in English will provide you with skills that employers most seek: [1]

  • Effective oral and written communication
  • Critical thinking and analytical reasoning
  • Complex problem solving
  • Creative and innovating thinking
  • Research and information literacy
  • Knowledge of global issues

HUM_resizedimage300204-IMG3532smWhat SLC graduates say about majoring in English. . .

“The English program at Silver Lake College allowed me the freedom to explore my own intellectual creativity. I learned to trust my own ideas as valid, useful contributions to my community.”

Natalie Long ‘08


“Studying English at Silver Lake College of the Holy Family was the best thing I could have done in college. Not only did I learn how to discuss literature, but I learned to listen to the voices of different cultures, genders, time periods, and genres. The professors, armed with great writings of yesterday and today, challenged me to question my point of view and to think critically about my place in the world. No part of my life was left untouched by the things I learned as an English major.”

Rachel Gretzinger ‘09


“I loved being an English major at Silver Lake College because for a few hours a day, I could forget about my own problems and plunge into the realm of Chaucer, Atwood, and Poe. The skills I took away were ultimately that of analyzing and problem-solving. In class, we’re able to analyze literature for subtext, but in my work environment, I analyze data and numbers, edit and write articles, and use the communication I learned to interact with my employers and co-workers to the best of my ability."

Tiffany Mulzer ‘09


“The analysis that was required in English classes (and for all those English papers) helped me to hone my analytical, critical thinking, & writing skills. I couldn't imagine trying to undertake graduate coursework without them.”

Aidyn Laurynz ‘09


[1] Reported in the Peter D. Hart Research Associates 2009 survey of 302 employers: “Raising the Bar: Employers’ Views on College Learning in the Wake of the Economic Downturn.” Sponsored by the Association of American Colleges and Universities.

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