Graphic Design


A bachelor of arts in graphic design offers students a program that focuses on critical thinking, design principles, history and professional practice. This program provides students with a creative and professional learning environment to develop a command of visual language utilizing art and design principles, and practices with theory, imagination and technology. Students will be prepared to competitively pursue full-time work in the graphic design field.




Dru.jpg“There is no limit to the possibilities when manipulating a picture or group of pictures, it’s made me want to become an artist.” –Dru Harris, '16


What can I do with this major?

You could be prepared for a job as a:

•       graphic designer

•       art director

•       web designer

•       illustrator

•       marketing manager

You could be prepared for graduate programs in:

•       graphic design

•       digital arts

•       multimedia design

•       studio art

•       architecture



About a Silver Lake College Education

 In the art department, the small studio classes allow for a lot of individual guidance. Our graduates are well prepared for post-graduate studies and have acquired a confidence in their artistic ability to be effective in our 21st century.


Program Highlights

  • Silver Lake College has a state-of-the-art computer lab with the newest versions of image-making software, flatbed scanners and printers that provide high-quality output options.
  • Graphic design students have the opportunity to gain real-world experience by offering design services to the community. Students gain the experience of creating visual communication in a professional manner.
  • Graphic design students have opportunities to visit museums and galleries, and participate in community art activities. Students may choose to do an internship to gain practical experiences and network.
  • Students get the opportunity to prepare a senior show and exhibit their works in one of our professional gallery spaces.


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