Mary_BettagWhether you're interested in theoretical or applied mathematics, statistics or actuarial science, Silver Lake College's math program will help you build problem-solving skills for a wide range of careers.

The Department of Mathematics supports the mission of Silver Lake College by empowering students to become life-long, independent learners in a world increasingly shaped by mathematics.  Therefore, the Department aims:

  • To facilitate the growth of students to become competent professionals, knowledgeable consumers, and responsible citizens in a global society through the study and use of the tools of mathematics
  • To strengthen the mathematics knowledge and skill levels of students
  • To provide a learning environment that expands students understanding and appreciation of our mathematics heritage
What can I do with this Major?
Median Pay                                Job Growth through 2022
Mathematician    $101,360 per year                       23%
Statistician              $75,560 per year                       27%
Actuary                     $93,680 per year                       26%
                                                                                                                                                                                                              U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics sample data
Program Highlights
  • Offers major and minor programs leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics
  • Provides adequate preparation and guidance to qualify students for certification as middle/secondary teachers of mathematics and for graduate study in mathematics and related fields
  • Designs appropriate courses in mathematics for the Liberal Arts Studies and a support knowledge for other disciplines
  • In addition to a rigorous curriculum, the department offers a vibrant environment for professional development and scientific discourse.
  • Faculty members conduct ongoing research on the best mathematical and statistical approaches to problems in a variety of areas.  Examples include baseball statistics and the use of differential equation in the natural sciences.

Student Testimonial

"I loved being a student in the math department of Silver Lake College, because the professors tailored their instruction to their students.  It was not uncommon for the professors to go out of their way to create curriculum which was both challenging and engaging for the particular students in their class.  In addition, they provided students with the opportunities to put their mathematics learning into practice via math conferences, practical projects, and the chance to tutor others.  The passion and dedication of the professors motivated my own study, fostered my love of math, and helped me to become successful both inside and outside of the classroom."  - Mary, class of 2015

Faculty: Steve Kuehl

Assistant Professor 

Kuehl is a mathematics professor that teaches across the full curriculum - levels 100 to 400.  Outside of the classroom he is very active on committees and works closely with the work college and athletics teams.  His research interests lie in the realm of baseball statistics.  He just finished up collaborating on two books being published by the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) that should be published in 2016 - one is about the Detroit Tigers and one about the Milwaukee Brewers.  Finally, his favorite class to teach is Differential Equations - but also, obviously, loves to teach Statistics, as well.