Lovenotes™ Prenatal Program

Music For The Unborn Child 


The nine months between conception and birth are vitally important to the emotional, social and physical development of your child. The most important contribution parents can make to the total well-being of their child is to clearly communicate before and after birth that he or she is wanted, cared about and loved.

What is Lovenotes™?

The Lovenotes™ program is an unique five-week course offered at Silver Lake College and developed by internationally recognized music educator, Dr. Lorna Zemke. For many years now she has taught pregnant couples how to use music as a bonding language with their unborn child. Even before a baby is born, somewhere in the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy, the child can hear sounds from the outside world. By using the voice as the natural instrument, along with folksongs, musical instruments, rhythm and movement, the Lovenotes™ program establishes loving communication and a strong bond between the baby and family members.

How do we enroll?

Expectant couples interested in participating in the Lovenotes™ classes should contact the Silver Lake College Music Department by:

  • Emailing SLC Music Department at Give your name, phone number, and date of expected delivery or
  • Call SLC Music Department at 920-686-6161. Call early in your pregnancy so a class can be scheduled to meet your timeline.

The five classes are 45 minutes in length and are held in the early evening hours so that both parents can participate. It is an experience you and your child will treasure for years, yes, for a lifetime!

Can I complete the Lovenotes™ Program on my own?

Yes, Dr. Lorna Zemke developed the Lovenotes™ kit, an instructional package with 5 lessons, a CD of songs, a video of one class, and many suggestions to music listening. the Lovenotes™ kit is available for purchase for use by music educators, Lamaze instructors, physicians, nurses, health care providers, and others who would like to offer a similar program in their area, as well as individuals who want to complete the classes on their own.