Chemistry Minor


The mission of the Chemistry Minor is to educate the next generation of scientific thinkers.  Students will develop a mastery of basic chemical principles that will enable them to develop critical thinking and inquiry skills essential to shaping the future science.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students pursuing a minor in Chemistry will:

  • develop a comprehensive knowledge base in chemistry and molecular science.

  • develop skills in laboratory and computational chemistry, including proper laboratory safety procedures.

  • be able to use the scientific method and critical thinking to solve chemical problems. 

  • develop an understanding of the ethical and societal dimensions of science and chemistry, and will learn and put into practice the expectations for responsible conduct.

  • nsd

    develop effective oral and written communication skills in the context of the scientific reporting process.


Program Entrance Requirements

To be accepted into a major or minor science program at Silver Lake College of the Holy Family, a student must achieve a GPA of 2.5 in science courses taken at Silver Lake College of the Holy Family.  The status of traditional students will be reviewed at the completion of the first year of classes or when at least three science courses have been completed.  Transfer students entering Silver Lake College of the Holy Family with GPA under 2.5 in science courses already taken will be put on probationary status for the first year, followed by an assessment of progress.  Students holding a Bachelor's Degree in science, transferring to Silver Lake College for teacher certification, must at least one course in biology at Silver Lake College of the Holy Family.  More may be required if previous science courses were taken more than ten years ago.

Residency Requirements

A minimum of one-third of the required courses must be completed through Silver Lake College of the Holy Family.

Chemistry Minor 24 credits
CHM 101 General Chemistry I                                                                                                                   4
CHM 102 General Chemistry II 4
CHM 203 Organic Chemistry Lec I 3
CHM 204 Organic Chemistry Lec II 3
CHM 205 Organic Chemistry I Lab 2
CHM 301 Biochemistry 4
CHM 302 Analytical Chemistry 4