Teacher Licensure

Post-baccalaureate options are intended to meet the licensing needs of the following individuals who:

  • hold a Bachelor Degree from an accredited institution but have no teacher education preparation
  • hold a Bachelor Degree with teacher education from an accredited institution but do not have a Wisconsin teacher license
  • are provisionally licensed in Wisconsin and seeking avenues to meet the deficiencies for a Wisconsin Educator’s License
  • hold a current Wisconsin teacher license and seek additional certification area(s)

Student Profile: Amy Christiansen

teacher-licensure“I always wanted to be a teacher.” Neither of Amy’s parents went to college, and they were determined to see their kids go. Before she came to Silver Lake College, Amy had taken classes at four other colleges. With her husband’s military deployment and a young son to care for, her education had started and stopped. “My parents worried about my break,” Amy shared. They want me to have a job that I love, and not have it so hard.” Read more about Amy here

Teacher Licensure Program

After a review of the transcripts for the desired program(s) is completed, the director of the respective program will outline the specific requirements, including courses, portfolio development, Praxis I and II requirements, clinic experiences and student teaching.  Since each individual’s experiences and needs are different, the program is designed to meet the professional needs of that individual for the specific licensure or certification.


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