Education Leadership

EDUCATION_EDUCATION-LEADERSHIP_SetWidth364-EduLeadership313The Teacher Leadership program is designed for experienced classroom teachers who wish to develop knowledge and skills that will allow them to take a more active professional leadership role. The underlying premise is that classroom teachers must be on the front line of creating the vision for the future that will lead to significant and lasting school reform.


A set of Core Courses (15 credits), Electives (15 credits) which include options for specialization, and a Culminating Seminar (3 credits)

  • Core courses: Divided into two sets of courses - Core A, three courses required of everyone in the program; and Core B, a list of courses from which two must be selected.  Core B courses not applied toward meeting Core B requirements may be taken as electives.
  • Electives: Fifteen credits which may be selected randomly to meet individual needs in curriculum and instruction or may be selected as a specialized group.
  • Culminating seminar: work characterized by originality and the promise of benefit to both the student and those whom the student serves. Included in the seminar are 1) a take-home comprehensive examination requiring synthesis of the work of the program, and 2) a public exhibit and presentation of the completed Leadership Portfolio representing the application of course and competency work throughout the program and the Final Vehicle.  Final Vehicle options include:
    • Option I: Thesis/Project (recommended if a student intends to pursue further degree work beyond the Master's degree)
    • Option II: Expanded Leadership Portfolio (preferred option; especially recommended if a student intends to pursue National Board Certification)
    • Option III: Action Research Project and Report
    • Option IV: Program Development


Silver Lake College offers the Master of Arts in Education degree in the following formats:

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