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Faces of Silver Lake

Tammy Reigel is probably Silver Lake College’s biggest fan. A senior majoring in Choral and General Music Education, she is involved in programs and activities College wide. She’s been a member of every music ensemble the College offers – The Silver Lake Chorale (an all “a capella” student group), Concert Choir, Jazz Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, and Handbell Choir. She has performed for the College’s annual Scholarship Benefit Gala every year, and was a featured vocal soloist in this year’s cast. She is a student representative for the Teacher Education Committee, and represented the student body on the search committee for the new College president, who will take office in July. Tammy served on the editorial board for the student produced art and literary magazine Silver Reflections, and was never discouraged from participating even though she wasn’t an English or Art major. “Here you have the freedom to explore other areas…there are so many opportunities here I would not have had elsewhere,” Tammy says.

A resident student all four years, Tammy has really enjoyed the family atmosphere at Silver Lake College. Coming from a Catholic high school with a graduating class of 30, she was really used to a “small, intimate environment.” Tammy served as a resident advisor in Clare Hall at SLC and continues to be a leader and role model for younger students. “I have seen other students grow up and become open to opportunities offered to them here,” Tammy shares. “It’s easy to hide at a big school, but not here.”

Going to college has always been really important for Tammy. She was home schooled for the five years before she started high school, and it really taught her discipline, and how to be independent, skills that have been invaluable to her in college. With the help of the Silver Lake College faculty, she has worked to really make the most of her college experience. “My education has been very personalized – my teachers know what I want and what I need.”

After she finishes her student teaching and graduates this fall, Tammy looks forward to teaching choir at the high school or college level, but leaving Silver Lake College will be bittersweet for her. “I don’t want to leave – I’ve had such a great experience.”

Tammy has worked very hard to be successful in school, and receiving tuition assistance has been crucial for her to be able to afford her education. She received state financial aid as well as scholarships and institutional aid from Silver Lake College. Supporters of SLC Endowed Scholarships and donors to the Silver Lake Fund typically have more than money invested - the family that provides one of Tammy’s endowed scholarships has followed her through school, even attending her senior recital this spring. “They have watched me grow,” Tammy says, “and it was so great to have them there to support me.”

Gifts to the Silver Lake Fund have supported Tammy and many other students like her. She shares, “Having this support has made my college experience possible.” Please consider a gift today.