Music for Tots™ Program


The Music For Tots™ program is designed to help improve not only the tonal, listening, coordination and rhythmic skills of the children, but also their verbal and socialization skills, as well as their ability to follow directions, focus attention and share with their peers.

What is it?

Tots from birth to age five are enrolled in a ten-week program each semester, fall and spring. Typically about 150 children and their parents are enrolled in the more than 25+ classes taught by 6 to 8 teachers. Each class is limited to eight children of the same age. Classes are held at Silver Lake College and Generose Center in Manitowoc, Ebenezer United Church of Christ in Sheboygan and St. Philip School in Green Bay.

Who can enroll and how long are the classes?

Music for Tots™ classes are scheduled during the morning and late afternoon/early evening hours. There are half-hour classes for children from infancy to three years of age, and 40-minute classes for older threes, fours and fives. Parents participate with their children in classes for infants and toddlers. In the transition age of three, the children become more independent, and in classes of three and a half to five year olds, the preschoolers participate in songs, rhythm games and activities independently, with parents present but not actively involved.

How can we enroll?

Parents interested in enrolling their very young children in the Music for Tots™ Program may register by using the electronic form below. If you would like more information about the program, please contact Carol Storck of Holy Family Conservatory of Music at or 262-707-5095.