A Balanced Appreciation for Psychology in Traditional or Accelerated Delivery Formats

The Psychology program develops a balanced appreciation for the discipline as a science (which seeks to discover general principles of human experience and behavior), and as an art (which effectively applies these principles to the unique individual). The Program aims to provide information, activities, and demonstrations that provide the motivation and thinking tools to explore the interface between the mind and a person’s body, values, family, and culture. Two formats, traditional delivery and adult accelerated delivery, are available to complete the program.

Delivery Options

Traditional Delivery

The traditional psychology major is 36 credits and must be paired with a minor.

Adult Accelerated Delivery

The adult accelerated degree completion psychology major is a comprehensive, innovative, flexible, year-rounded program for adult learners. A requirement for admission to this program is the completion of at least 45 college credits. The comprehensive major includes 36 credits of the psychology major and 18 credits from a concentrated area of study that may include interdisciplinary credits approved by the advisor.

The courses are offered in an accelerated format in the evenings and during weekends. This option features an integrated accelerated liberal arts core offered at the following locations: Manitowoc, Appleton, Green Bay, Sheboygan, Keshena, and Marinette, However, almost all psychology courses for Career Directed/Degree Completion major are at the College’s Manitowoc Campus.

Additional Certification Opportunity

Social Work Training Certificate (SWTC):
Psychology majors can persue state approved coursework for certification as a basic level social worker. Some Psychology students with an interest in this area find the SWTC to be a perfect adjunct to the their major. Many of the SWTC courses also apply to a minor in Family Services.

Program Requirements

PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology


PSY 201 Research Methods


PSY 202 Theories of Personality


PSY 203 Statistics for the Social Sciences OR MTH 271 Probability and Statistics


PSY 204 Social Psychology


PSY 301 Psychology of Abnormal Behavior


PSY 400 Counseling and Psychotherapy


SOC 210 Intro to Family Studies


PSY 475 Community Psychology and Service


* Can be substituted with Clinical Coursework approved by your advisor.

Developmental Psychology (Choose 3-6 credits)

PSY 274 Life Span Development


OR two of the following:

PSY 370 Adult Development and Aging


PSY 375 Child Growth and Development


PSY 376 Adolescent Psychology


Mind/Body Psychology (Choose 3 credits)

PSY 213 Stress Management


PSY 214 Health Psychology


PSY 303 Biopsychology



Any Psychology Courses or other coursework with advisor approval


Total Program Credits


Course Schedule - Psychology and Family Services

Click here to download and view a course schedule for Spring 2015 to Summer 2018 classes.