Philosophy and the New Evangelization

Becoming protagonists in the New Evangelization with a Franciscan heart . . . Rediscovering 2000 years of the Catholic Christian tradition!

In 1209, St. Francis heard the call from Christ to “Go, rebuild my Church.” Over 800 years later, Theology Majors at Silver Lake College of the Holy Family are still hearing that call. Moved by a personal and ecclesial experience of God’s word, Theology Majors and Minors at Silver Lake College of the Holy Family joyfully immerse themselves in that word. Standing on the shoulders of 2000 years of tradition, our students examine the Church’s faith, searching for personal answers to the deep questions of life’s meaning. Through their study of the Catholic faith, in dialogue with all of the humanities and other faith traditions, our theology majors are committed to preparing themselves intellectually, spiritually and pastorally to become protagonists of the New Evangelization, capable of engaging the post-modern world.


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  • Sr. Marie Kolbe Zamora

    Department of Theology and Ministry
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