Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Rooted in two thousand years of Catholic Tradition, the Theology program and philosophy strive to form its majors and minors in the “Dynamic Orthodoxy” and “Creative Fidelity” intrinsic to the dialogue between the Catholic Church / the Gospel and post-modern society.

Our Mission

In continuity with Christ’s call to St. Francis to “Go, rebuild my Church”, the Theology program and philosophy is committed to the intellectual, spiritual, pastoral and professional training of young men and women to become protagonists in the New Evangelization – that is, to proclaim Christ anew to an increasingly fragmented and indifferent world. This mission, comprised of intellectual, spiritual and pastoral tasks, can be lived out in a variety of academic and pastoral settings.

  • Graduate School 

  • Youth Ministry

  • Pastoral Associates,

  • Family Life Ministers and Evangelization Ministers

  • Catechists and Religious Education Coordinators