Social Worker Training Certificate (SWTC)

The Social Worker Training Certificate program is a state program in which students with undergraduate majors in a social science (e.g., psychology, sociology) may earn credits and experiences that will allow them to become social workers in the state of Wisconsin.  The Social Worker Training Certificate Program requires that a student successfully complete the following five courses which pertain to social work in the progressive order that they are offered.

  • SOC 201 Social Welfare Policies and Services
  • PSY 209 Human Behavior and the Social Environment
  • SOC 301 Social Work Methods I
  • SOC 302 Social Work Methods II
  • SOC 303 Social Work Methods III
  • SOC 459 Career Intern Experience (optional)

The Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing has approved Silver Lake College to offer these courses as part of the Social Worker Training Certificate Program .  The student must also complete a state-approved internship (may be full-time, paid work) and complete state and federal exams.  For up-to-date information on this program, visit the website for the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services.

If you have questions regarding the Social Worker Training Certificate (SWTC), please contact Elizabeth DenDekker via email or
920-686-6119 via phone. Also feel free to check out our informational flyer.