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Silver Lake College Hosting Collaborative Art Exhibit "The Cooking Show" Through March 22, 2013

Posted on March 08 2013

Silver Lake College of the Holy Family invites the public to view “The Cooking Show, a collaborative mix of creative ingredients shared as an art exhibit by two of the College’s professors. The exhibit is on display in the College Cafeteria Gallery (first floor) and is open to the public between now and March 22, 2013. Exhibit hours are 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Thursday, and 8 am to 4:30 pm Friday and Saturday.

Silver Lake College Assistant Professor of English Dr. Emilie Lindemann and Assistant Professor of Art Erin LaBonte have created an installation founded on an exchange of inspirations. The two professors intertwined creative writing and visual art, experimenting with words, video and photography. “We started by placing art or poetry in one another’s mailboxes at school. However, our mailboxes became too small for our ideas. Eventually we began exploring video and other ways to expand our collaboration,” says LaBonte. Lindemann notes that the collaborative works “explore and contest gender roles as well as boundaries between the public and the private.” The exhibit may not be suitable for younger viewers.