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SLC Students Present Research on Tablets and Smartphone Security

Posted on December 15 2011

(Chas Dodge, a senior studying Information Science and Technology at SLC presents research on tablet computers including the Toshiba Thrive, iPad and newly released Kindle Fire).

On Tuesday, December 6, Silver Lake College of the Holy Family students from the Research and Synthesis class presented the results of their capstone projects (a capstone project is a large project that is meant to be the final piece of an undergraduate degree; it requires a great deal of research and effort and is supervised by a professor or teacher). Chas Dodge, a senior studying Information Science and Technology, presented research on choosing the right tablet computer. Chas presented on tablets for education, personal or business use, detailing the differences between the popular iPad and the Android Toshiba Thrive. He also included information on other Android tablets including the newly released Kindle Fire.

Two other seniors in Information Science and Technology, Rose Rahmlow and Joe Williams presented on the topic of Mobile Device Management and Security. While mobile devices provide productivity benefits, they also pose new risks to organizations. Server content, such as electronic mail maintained for a user by a network carrier as a convenience, may expose sensitive information through vulnerabilities that exist at the server. Cell phones and mobile devices are subject to spam, which can be used for phishing attempts. Due to the small size and use outside the office, handheld devices can be easier to misplace or to be stolen than a laptop computer. Rose and Joe explained the results of their research on how to effectively manage mobile devices with remote applications.