Mission Statement

Campus Ministry encourages and supports the dialogue between faith and the academics in higher education at Silver Lake College.  In the tradition of a Catholic, Franciscan college, Campus Ministry fosters the mission of the college, especially through Franciscan values of community, compassion, peacemaking, and reverence for creation.  Campus Ministry programming provides opportunities for liturgy, reflective discussions and retreats, justice education and service, leadership experiences, and spiritual conversations or pastoral counseling. Through our presence and programs, we welcome persons of all faiths.

The goals of Campus Ministry are:

  • To nurture the faith community at Silver Lake College
  • To actively engage the worshipping community through participation in liturgical ministries
  • To promote opportunities for Christian service; to deepen awareness of global issues, especially those related to justice and peace
  • To foster the personal and spiritual growth of the college community, with a particular focus on the student ministry teams for specific events


Programs in Campus Ministry at Silver Lake College are supported by the six dimensions of Campus Ministry as identified by the US Bishops in the Pastoral, Empowered by the Spirit: Campus Ministry Faces the Future, 1986.

  • Formation of faith communities in an academic environment where student, faculty and staff gather together into a community of shared values
  • Empowering Catholics to achieve a more adult appreciation of their faith so that they can live in greater communion with God and the Church
  • Facilitating the formation of a Christian conscience so that more decisions can be made on gospel values
  • Educating for justice -- justice is an integral part of the mission of Campus Ministry. If we want peace we must work for justice
  • Personal development promotion in a setting that is filled with rich resources for self-fulfillment. Colleges and universities provide marvelous opportunities for healthy personal growth
  • Leadership formation opportunities to tap the immense pool of talent and to help form the future leaders for society and the Church.