Student Forum Committees and Teams

Alumni Association Board of Directors

The primary responsibility is one of open and ongoing communication between the two organizations. One Student Forum Representative serves on the Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Building and Grounds Committee (Board Committee)
  1. The Building and Grounds Committee will have general responsibility for the physical plant of the College including any additions, repairs, alterations, or expansions.
  2. This committee will periodically review the maintenance and plant operation policies of the College, examine the condition of the physical plant, plan the overall development of the College campus and submit its recommendations in regard to these matters to the Board.
  3. Two Student Forum Representatives serve on the Building and Grounds Committee.
Commencement Committee

Their responsibilities include helping to choose the student speaker and arrange for ushers/workers for the day of commencement. The Vice President and Academic Dean serves as the Chairperson. Three Student Forum Representatives serve on the Commencement Committee.

Committee on Cultural Diversity

The Committee on Cultural Diversity works to enhance the Campus atmosphere and increase student and faculty opportunities for global understanding. Two Student Forum Representatives serve on the Committee on Cultural Diversity.

Committee on Curriculum and Instruction (CCI)

CCI is composed of the Academic Dean, who serves as Chairperson, five appointed faculty members and two Student Forum Representatives. The CCI is responsible for recommending policies in the areas of curriculum and instruction.

College Advancement Committee

The Advancement Committee formulates and implements plans for augmenting the financial resources of the College. The Vice President of College Advancement serves as Chairperson. One Student Forum Representative serves on the Advancement Committee.

Educational Policies Committee
  1. The Educational Policies Committee will have general responsibility for periodically observing, studying and evaluating all aspects of the educational program of the College.
  2. Specifically, this committee will appraise and recommend in Curriculum, Faculty personnel policies, Honorary degrees, Extracurricular activities
  3. One Student Forum Representative sits on the Educational Policies Committee.
Franciscan Committee

The Franciscan Committee exists to provide information on the Franciscan sponsorship of the College and Franciscan tradition on which Silver Lake College is founded. One Student Forum Representative serves on the Franciscan Committee.

Liberal Arts Committee

The Liberal Arts Committee, under the aegis of the Division of Arts and Science, ,shall be responsible for monitoring and evaluating the Liberal Arts Studies Curriculum. One Student Forum Representative serves on the Liberal Arts Committee.

Safety Team

The purpose of this Safety Team is to oversee the programs established for the health, safety and well being of employees, students, and guests at Silver Lake College. One Student Forum Representative serves on the Safety Team.

Student Concerns Committee

The Student Concerns Committee is a leadership position that continually assesses and appraises the non-academic areas of student life and maintains a continuing relationship with student groups. The committee is accountable to the Board of Directors of the College. Three Student Forum Representatives sit on this committee (one must be the Adult Accelerated (CDP) Representative).